Stout Soap Bar

$ 9.50

Fall Limited Edition!

You all have been asking us to make a stout scented soap for literally years, so guess what? We finally did! It took some time to perfect this all natural soap but I'll tell ya, it was worth the time because we here at Soap Distillery are in love with this new scent! Notes of chocolate, coffee, and barley come together to make a not too sweet, not too roasted, deeply complex blend that pays homage to it's delicious counterpart. All natural.


What is your favorite stout beer? Have you ever had smoked German beer? It's INTENSE! Try it out sometime if you're a beer person :)
Approximately 4.0 oz


Ingredients: saponified oils (olive, coconut, sunflower) essential oil and phthalate free fragrance blend, stout, oxides, titanium dioxide, rosemary leaf extract.