Framing Services


Custom Picture Framing

Our framing designers will work with you to find the best solution for your art, eccentric collections, prized photos— you name it, we'll frame it. We're happy to help with any project you have in mind. Consultations are always free and available anytime.

We've framed just about everything you can imagine. Got something unusual? Bring it on!

Ten Framing FAQs[symple_spacing size="20"]
[symple_testimonial class=" by="Steven M. via Yelp" fade_in="false"]"I had a very large piece re-framed at Foursided. They [...] did an absolutely stunning job with the framing and mounting. Great communication throughout the process. They definitely know their craft." [/symple_testimonial][symple_spacing size="30"]

Wedding Framing

Turn those memories from your special day into a beautiful piece for your home, as a gift for family, or favors for those patient members of the wedding party.

We've framed wedding dresses, ketubahs, marriage certificates, bridal bouquets, invitations, and even a commemorative crushed beer can from the bachelor party— it was quite the hit!

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Always Free Consultations at Foursided
[symple_testimonial class=" by="William P. via Facebook" fade_in="false"]"Thank you guys for the awesome frame job and making a great memory even greater!" [/symple_testimonial][symple_spacing size="30"]

Quick + Affordable Framing

A wide selection of ready-made frames in various sizes, colors, and finishes, including barn wood and salvaged frames from FoundRe, are always ready to go.

Each store has it's own selection of gift frames from Oo La la to affordably gifty. You're bound to find the right fit.

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Large Selection of Ready Made Frames
[symple_testimonial by="John S. via Yelp" fade_in="false"]"They did an awesome job. It was fun because the salesperson got excited about the project, and helped me pick some awesome frames. She also helped steer me towards more reasonable priced frames when my taste got a little too expensive." [/symple_testimonial][symple_spacing size="30"]

Shadowboxes— our specialty!

A fabulous way to turn a prized piece or collection into a one of a kind piece of art.

Combine the pieces you have with our massive selection of antique goodies, vintage letters, art, and signage. Our framing designers are here to make your treasures shine!

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Ten Framing FAQs
[symple_testimonial by="S.C. via Yelp" fade_in="false"]"I've had two items framed at Foursided and the employees have been very patient, friendly and helpful throughout the frame selection process. In both instances the frames ended up adding a lot of interest to the final product."[/symple_testimonial][symple_spacing size="30"]

Conservation Framing

Conservation framing can be as simple or complex as the client desires. Although we have many ways to satisfy the most cunning conservator, we also provide basic conservation framing upgrades for artwork protection against age.

Our framing designers will explain the pros and cons as we discuss your needs and the importance and value of your artwork.

Hands-on Framing at it's finest.
[symple_testimonial by="Doyle M. via Yelp" fade_in="false"]"I've seen a lot of high end custom framing. Their technical skill and care impressed me. They carried out my instructions perfectly as to how the pieces were to be matted with patience."[/symple_testimonial][symple_spacing size="30"]

Pick-up, Delivery, and Installation

Pick-Up Whether your art is large, heavy, or you have numerous pieces, or your artwork is small and you simply prefer the convenience of a pick-up, we would be glad to help. Once your artwork is in our store, you can come for a framing consultation.

Delivery After your order is framed, our delivery service makes it easy to ensure your artwork is delivered back to your home or office.

Installation & Hanging Our installers can help with the placement and hanging of your artwork in your space. [symple_spacing size="28"]

Always Free Consultations at Foursided
[symple_testimonial class=" by="Matthew S. via Yelp" fade_in="false"]"The staff was exceptionally helpful in helping me find all the right parts and pieces to make my idea come to life."[/symple_testimonial][symple_spacing size="30"]

Trade Accounts

Calling all interior designers, space planners, architects, decorators, and event planners: we're here to frame for you.

From a basic job to an entire renovation project, our framing specialists can help you with the finishing touches that make your design shine.

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Always Free Consultations at Foursided
[symple_testimonial by="Laurie H. via Yelp" fade_in="false"]"Their customer service was excellent (delivered right on time), they helped me keep within my budget, and their workmanship was definitely above par."[/symple_testimonial] [symple_box color="black" fade_in="false" float="left" text_align="right" width="25%"] A FEW OF THE THINGS WE'VE FRAMED → [/symple_box] [symple_box color="gray" fade_in="false" float="right" text_align="left" width="75%"] Katherine Hepburn's shorts, butcher knives, Phish tickets, flashcards, flags, family photos, barn wood, oil paintings, sea fans, a chipmunk, skull, jerseys, woven rugs, scarves, books, wedding dresses, flowers, screenprints, vintage posters, acrylic paintings, watercolors, vintage pennants, marathon medals, turkish & kilm rugs, posters, memorabilia plates, wedding invites, Chicago flags, shoes, ceramic tiles, art, t-shirts, LPs, maps, photography, postage stamps, drift wood, broken glass, magazines [/symple_box]