About Us


Foursided began it's journey in 2001 by merging several of our founder's loves-the world of art and framing with paper and beautiful gifts. We strive to cultivate communities that enjoy art, whether it's framing a showcase work of art for your home or the art of giving a handcrafted card or vintage gift. We are a resource for those who appreciate art and its sentimental value, as well as for advancing select independent artisans and makers.

We have a wonderful  team whose mission is to bring each of our guest's imagination to life with art, custom framing, curated gifts, ephemera, and vintage objects. Please stop by and say hello. Bring your dog, too!

Our Stores

Foursided Andersonville

5061 N Clark St, Chicago  •  773.506.8300

Offerings: The largest of Foursided stores, the Andersonville location offers a wide selection of greeting cards, gifts, candles, locally made goods, Todd Mack originals, kitschy finds, and fabulous antiques.

Brief History: Our third location, founded in 2005, at 5061 N Clark in Andersonville where we welcome you to escape for hours into a wonderland of Foursided's best.

Foursided Lakeview

2939 N Broadway, Chicago  •  773.248.1960

Offerings: Custom Framing, cards, gifts, antiques, and a highly curated selection for a very limited space

Brief History: Our founder opened the original 2939 N Broadway location in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood in 2001 as a picture framing gallery. In 2011, it received a well-deserved renovation to add space for more goods!

Foursided Custom Framing

5111 N Clark St, Chicago  •  773.961.8222

Offerings: Custom & Antique Framing, over 200+ different framing options

Brief History: Our fourth location, we expanded in Andersonville back in 2019 to have a dedicated Framing space. 

Foursided Card + Gift

2958 N Clark St, Chicago  •  773.244.6431

Offerings: A wide selection of greeting cards, gifts, candles, vintage & antiques, jewelry, local artist goods, and quirky things you didn't know you needed. Please note -- There is no custom framing offered at this location.

Brief History: Our second location formerly known as Twosided, is also in Lakeview at 2958 N Clark. Founded in 2003, Twosided was the sister store to the first framing location on Broadway and featured a selection of just cards, gifts, and antiques.

Our Team

Todd Mack

CEO & Founder

Carla Brooke

Regional Framing Manager

Jade Carrico

Foursided Custom Framing Manager

Sahda Jensen

Foursided Lakeview Manager

Natalie Parker

Foursided Lakeview Manager

Sarah Padilla

Foursided Card + Gift Manager

Claire Fogarty

Foursided Card + Gift Manager

Maribeth Brewer

Foursided Andersonville Manager

Maggie O'Brien

Pet Portrait Artist