Sweater Love Print

Sweater Love Print

$ 24.00
  • 8x10 Print

From the Artist:

Hello! My name is Alijhaé (Al-lah-jhae) and I'm a 21 y/o artist based in the Huntsville area. I am a military brat and represent for El Paso, Tx and Orlando, FL. I'm currently replying on my small shop until I get a job with my A.S. degree in Pharmacy Technology.

I specialize in traditional drawing and watercolor painting, 3D art, clay work, and digital art. I would love to share my work in these other mediums in the future.

I have been drawing since elementary school and have recently picked up digital art on Procreate in Feb 2019. Every piece of work is a wonderful learning process that I love to share with other art enthusiasts.

My inspirations for my artwork are creating distinctive characters and emotions of love and other range of feelings. I enjoy the progress of character development in the drawing and writing phase with style and personality. I have been more focused on the composition of my pieces (background, unity, and reason).

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