Think Outside The Box

Brown paper packages tied up with string will always be an acceptable gift - after all it's what's inside that counts; however, we like to get a little craftier with our gift giving and we encourage you to do the same! We want you to think outside the box - literally! Stayed tuned for posts on wrapping, ribbon tying, and all things in between!
Wrapping Paper $4 per sheet

Hooray for Dads!

Father $36

BBQ Card $5, Anagram Cards $4.50

B is for Beer $20, Tie $25, Father & Son $25

Dad's Things $28

The middle of June is sneaking up on us, and that means Father's Day is only one week away.

Make it a Father's Day to remember: skip the wallet or the universal remote control,
and instead opt for something Dad will treasure.

Even if he acts like it's no big deal (dads are great at playing it cool), we are certain that these one-of-a-kind framed vintage flashcards and made by hand greeting cards will find a special place in Dad's heart... not to mention a special place on his desk where they can be displayed for all to see!

Tick Tock We Found a Cool Clock

Time pretty much stands still when you are gazing at this amazingly beautiful clock. We nabbed this one and added it to our collection of antiques faster than the big hand could make it back around to the twelve.
If you fancy a great conversation piece to add to your decor stop by the north store to check it out in person.
Antique Clock $350