Some new things you should know about.

Our favorite new old thing at the north store in Andersonville.  1940's classroom handwriting roll down chart.  Super rare.  30" x 40" - $350
Bell Jar full of 900 anagrams, scrabble tiles,  and game pieces.
Not for sale. tee hee hee.
It's a mystery why this amazing bird mobile is still in the store.  20 vintage dye cut American birds silently spinning above people's heads at the front counter.
Guess people don't look up.   $45
Vintage 1988 Russian Periodic Table. Yes, 1988 is vintage.  It's enormous! 36" X 46"
Shrink wrapped and ready to frame for $90.
Buyer receives 15% off any in store custom framing needs.
I made some Men and Women bathroom signs from some cool plastic marquee letters I  had lyin' around.  I mounted them on a cool espresso suede.  They sit on a table or hang on a wall. And if you're really loose, you could stick one outside your door in your apartment building indicating what sex you'd like to enter.  men-$24/ women-$28
One of our new card favorites are these "stamp" note cards.  Comes with a real art stamp sealed in a clear sleeve on the front of the card.  $10 from Johnathan Wright Cards.  You may say, "Wow that's kinda expensive".  When you see them you will understand.  Letter press and very hand made.   Not the kind of thing you'll be seeing at Walgreens anytime soon, which is fine with us.
Made some neighborhood pieces for the locals here in Andersonville.
Made from an old card game and custom framed.
uptown-$45 / aville-$80

Father's Day is June 20th!

Father's Day is June 20th y'all!
 This one's a favorite from Old Tom Foolery.  $4.50 and they're goin' fast !
Our handmade Mother's Day cards were so popular that we decided to give Father's Day a whirl. These sell for $6 - $7. One of a kinders for sure! Just like your Dad!!
 And of course we have like, a billion unique Father's Day cards  that Fathers' across the land will love and cherish and put in their sock drawers.


photo 1 Hand made cards by our own widdle hands. We made these and many more using only stuff we sell and a little glue. Tons of DIY material resources at your finger tips. cards$5 each photo 2 Mother flashcard c. 1950, $1.99 Apron flashcard c. 1950, $1.99 photo 3 Giant "Mother" flashcard from an elementary school unknown. c. 1967 18" x 24" $38 Captions say: Mother Here is Mother. She likes the sun. She can paint in the sun. That is fun for Mother. LOL photo 4 Close up of our giraffe Mom card It's cute as a bug's ass. Made from 50's flashcard Anagrams from a word game same period and our stationary. $5