As many of you know, Foursided has a deep appreciation for beautifully hand crafted frames from yesteryear. In this post we bring you an impeccable hand crafted picture frame design made in the present. These frames could be characterized as "mission", "arts and crafts", "prairie", or "adirondeck". The name "mission" was inspired by Joseph McHugh, a New York furniture maker and retailer, to describe his straight line rustic style furniture. His design was based on a chair that had been made for a church in San Francisco around 1894. The designs were influenced by the Spanish missions of the area, thus the term "mission style". "Arts and Crafts" was the European design name for a similar style. Other "similar" regional styles include "Prairie" from the Midwest and "Adirondeck" from Upstate New York.
We hope you enjoy these frames as much as we do.  
Hand Crafted Picture Frames: Made for Custom Orders at Foursided

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Looking for three “prairie” frames for antique 8 × 12 fish prints. Like the ones pictured on "Our Favorite Frames, done in a very dark (aged looking) finish. What can you do for me?


Holly Schmaling

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